Lights, camera, ACTION

Sometime we all in a bit of a kick ass kinda mood. That's when you go to the nearest video store and hire an action movie.

I have decided to blog about only the most awesome all time action movies.

Transporter 3
A really cool movie, which I had to put on top. I love this wallpaper because of the photo manipulation and the blue makes it look dangerous yet ultra cool. The car however is my favorite part of the picture. Audis = Class and Jason Statham = Only the coolest actor ever!

Boondock Saints
Another one of my favorite action movies. A deep story that's really interesting especially if you into the whole mafia thing. The wallpaper is a pop art image, something you wouldn't expect Boondock Saints to have, which is what makes it so interesting .

A classic! almost every guy out there has Scarface as one of there all time favorite movies.
The wallpaper is simple yet eye catching. The black and white make it look classy, and the red gives it that edge it needs.

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